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Over 20 years’ experience

Skilled specialists toiling for twenty years

We have more than 20 years of expertise in delivering excellent stump and tree removal services to the public. The services we provide includes but not limited to tree trimming, tree removal, shrub removal, tree thinning, craning, cabling service, and lot clearing. We provide our customers only quality and professional service beginning with the initial contact until the end of the job. Our proficiency leaves all customers satisfied each time we complete a job.


Reliable and Insured Tree Removal Pros

Expert staff to diagnose your trees’ needs

You may be willing to maintain trees in your yard in perfect condition. However there are situations when tree removal is the only solution. Dead or hazardous trees, incorrect position that cannot be mended by means of pruning, crowding for surrounding trees – all these can be the circumstance when tree removal is essential.

Our experienced specialists can help you determine what the exact condition of your tree is and what it really needs.


No Hidden Fees For Tree Removal Service

Offering tree removal services at competitive rates

When you need to retrieve your yard, removing a large tree it can actually be more demanding than you expect. Our experts will clearly outline pricing for tree removal as well as for all additional stump grinding costs. There are companies that quote the job with just the tree removal prices without mentioning any additional charges.

With us you will be aware of the full price before we start work. Contact us now for a price quote 888-487-8118.

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Efficient proven methods throughout decades

We offer proactive tree service and maintenance to help guarantee that your shrubs and trees will live longer. Through bracing and cabling we can create an artificial support to injured or structurally weak branches and trees. With these supports, we can protect your trees against storm damage and from injuries, such as branch and crotch failure.

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Inoffensive modern equipment

We have designed our services in a way that we do not disturb or damage your landscape. When we work on your property we use lawn mats to protect your lawn so it won’t be necessary to call your landscaper once we finish our job.

Using only the latest equipment available, Simple Tree Removal can assure you that your home, yard, and surroundings are undisturbed and protected. Below is a complete list of tree care services we provide for residential and commercial areas:

  • - Tree Removal
  • - Emergency Tree Removal
  • - General Tree Removal
  • - Dangerous Trees Removal

Are you interested in Simple Tree Removal services in any of these areas? Call us now at 888-487-8118 for a free quote!

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Simple Tree Removal

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